St. Antony's home is managed and run by the Sisters of Charity, South East India Province since its inception in 1964. It is situated at the parish campus of Kattur, Trichy. St. Antony's Home was opened at the request of Rt. Rev. Dr. James Mandonca, the then Bishop of Trichy to look after the elderly and the abandoned of the locality. He received this inspiration from our Sisters at Jeppoo in Mangalore.

Our Focus

The Focus of the St. Antony’s Home for the aged is to:

  • 1. Provide a family environment to our residents.
  • 2. Accommodate a poor elderly people needing different levels of assistance.
  • 3. Personalized care to residents without affecting their individuality & independence.
  • 4. Full time geriatric nursing care.
  • 5. Access to quality hospital care in case of emergencies and specialized medical needs.
  • 6. Fostering a harmonious relationship with family members through visits.

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St. Antony’s Home for the aged is a non-profit, care home for the elderly. We are committed to providing for the physical, social, emotional, and spiritual needs of the unwanted and abandoned elders of this society requiring assistance, in a loving, caring, dignified and Christian environment.

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Our Goals

Our Goals are:

  • 1. To provide an environment that allows our residents to maintain their independence and dignity while meeting their physical, social, emotional, and spiritual needs.
  • 2. To treat all residents with dignity, respect, and kindness.
  • 3. To understand and LOVE all residents.
  • 4. To exemplify to its fullest, Jesus Christ's compassion to the sick and the elderly.

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St. Antony’s Home for the aged was built to provide a decent living to the unwanted and abandoned elders of this society. Our only focus is that our residents are comfortable and happy. We provide all the necessary means to live dignified life to our elders.We have special rooms for dining, prayer and recreation. We have sufficient healthy space for them to move around and to adopt various jobs to engage themselves.We provide separate bed, bedside locker, good toilet and water facility.

Types of Care Provided

Medical care
  • Hypertension
  • Asthma and diabetes
Specialist care
  • Physiotherapist
  • Visiting doctor
Nursing care
  • 24/7 nursing care
  • Assisted service by sister nurse


Personalized Care

We meet the dietary, physical, hygiene and social needs of each resident.

In-Room Services

Our home is built to cater the needs of the abandoned elderly to live a dignified life.

Social Activities

Family, friends and caregivers can participate in a wide variety of social activities.


Some of the facilities available at St. Antony’s Home


1. Spacious and clean rooms
2. Clean bathing and toilets with safe water
3. Chapel
4. Geriatric nursing care

Other Services

1. Provision of transportation for medical appointments, events or shopping.
2. Communication with family or responsible parties.
3. Maintenance of health care records.
4. Medication management or administration as advised by the resident’s physician.
5. 24/7 medical assistance.
6. Services of a professional nurse for emergency medical management.

In-Room Services

1. Private rooms
2. Assistance with bathing and dressing
3. Daily housekeeping
4. 24/7 care with experienced staff
5. Three nutritional and delicious home-cooked meals
6. Assistance with self-managed incontinence

Social Activities

Friends and Benefactors participate in a wide variety of social activities like:
1. Singing
2. Arts and crafts
3. Games
4. Birthday parties and special events
5. Outdoor outings


The steps for admission are as follows:

St. Antony’s Home provides the admission for the unwanted and abandoned elders of the society only.

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Friends and Benefactors

Becoming a "Friend" or "Benefactor" will give you an excellent opportunity to serve the residents of St.Antony's Home. 

They share the ministry of showing love and concern to the elderly within the St.Antony's Home.

How can "Friends and Benefactors" help St.Antony's Home?

1. Assist in attending to the emotional and spiritual needs of the residents.
2. Facilitate a year-round supply of caring volunteers.
3. Items for preparation of meals : Dal, rice, cooking oil, sugar, coffee, tea, noodles, oats porridge, fruits, etc.
4. Toiletries: Soap, talc, Hair oil, Vaseline,shampoo, etc
5. Maintenance material: Dishwashing powder,washing soap, phenyl and other detergents
6. Medical Supplies
7. UPS to provide backup in the event of power failure
8. Vechile for Transportation
9. Make a representation to your organization, home cell or church.

Your Contributions and Donations

Your contributions mean a great deal to us. Donations of any size are gratefully accepted. Donations to ST. ANTONY'S HOME For Aged are eligible for exemption from taxation under Sec.80G of the Income Tax Act Act 1961.

Our Account deatails:

A/C-2755101040196, IFSE CODE: CNRB0002755
MICR: 620015007.

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What are some of "Friends and Benefactors" activities?

1. Make scheduled weekly visits year-round to St.Antony's Home.
2. Assist the residents to pray in the Chapel.
3. Serve snacks and fellowship with residents in the Dining Hall.
4. Bring seasonal or occasional gifts to the residents.
5. Celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, and holidays with the residents and staff.

How can you be involved and what talents must you have?

1. Almost anyone of any age can participate in this ministry. Only a concern for the elderly and a desire to express love and affection is required.
2. Encourage your friends, family members and colleagues to be involved in which ever way they can afford.
3. Support the work financially through generous contributions.
4. Supply groceries, books, magazines, and craft items.

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